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to love is to destroy.

these violent delights have violent ends.

22 August 1990
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The name's Chili.
Manila, Philippines.
A semi-rabid fangirl who lives and breathes on the JKPop fandom.
A bookworm -- adores Percy Jackson, Harry Potter & The Mortal Instruments (plus fanfiction)
A writer -- a member of the school newspaper.
A constant blogger and critic, she writes about absolutely anyone and anything.
A ballerina & dancer since she was 3.
A varsity member of the debate team.
A lazy and bored student who is miraculously second in her batch.
A class officer but hates her job.
A geeky, technology-obsessed woman who loves laptops more than clothes.
An insomniac who stays up all night doing the things she loves.
A crazed lunatic who survives on her fantasies about yaoi couples.

I live on a bucket list, and Carpe Diem is my motto in life.
Friend me, and cross the point of no return. LOLJK.
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